TS®52 PRO Test Sets

The TS52 PRO Test Set features backlit LCD and glow-in-the-dark keypad.

Display—backlit LCD and glow-in-the-the dark keypad
DataSafe Pro—superior high-impedance monitoring, lockout and override, making you completely safe in any mode
DropSafe—passes 20-foot drop test
DSL/POTS Filtering Technology—allows technicians to clip on a live DSL line to test POTS service without downing or disrupting data service
RainSafe–designed for use in rain conditions.
2-way hands-free speakerphone—for true hands-free conversation
Test Functions
Data indication—warns when data is present.
Voltage indication—troubleshooting feature to identify potential line problems
Current (mA) indication—verifies sufficient line current
Caller-ID—verifies service is functional
DTMF Digit Grabbing—isolate faulty customer premise equipment